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Planning a bucks night during Covid

The most important question that is asked when someone is planning a bucks party is where are we going and what will we be doing? That’s actually two questions but the answer to the first part also informs the answer to the second part.

These days destination events are impossible. There are travel restrictions and restrictions on how many people can congregate in one bucks party venue Melbourne. Travelling for hours isn’t an ideal thing and you may think the outdoor plan will solve your social distancing problems but not everyone will like the idea of battling the elements, the bugs and mozzies of campsite partying. You want to keep it close, avoid driving under the influence or getting on the wrong train or bus seeing how much Covid-19 has disrupted public transport.

Venues are open for bucks parties. The Australian government has lifted a lot of restrictions allowing a lot of entertainment venues to open. A lot of strip clubs have opened up and night clubs began allowing patrons since December 2020. There are lot of other establishments like restaurants, pubs,  accommodation and leisure facilities that opened under secure Covid guidelines.

This is good news but it means that a lot of people who’ve been suck indoors will be itching to go out. Whilst the places won’t be exactly packed it will be much better to book ahead.

The bucks party obviously depends on the wedding date. Book as soon as the wedding date is set and preparations for the event begin. A lot of places started filling up as soon as restrictions got lifted. The parties us have been more low-key than the usual drunken brouhaha but people still needed to hold them instead of postponing. Wedding places are already filling up but you shouldn’t put off booking your bucks party venue Melbourne until the last minute.

If push comes to shove, you can always do what everyone has been doing these last couple of months, host a zoom bucks party. As far as wild nights go, this idea might suck but it isn’t fair to deprive your friend of a proper send off by getting his mates together even if it’s infront of a computer screen.

The rules are the same, get the lads together, the wife should be fine with it also.

Have a theme. Try dressing up in the same plaid shirt, or rugby jersey or whatever you are into.

Get drinks and snacks out.

Pick a playlist.

Get into some fun party games like have you ever, truth or dare and any game you can think of that involves drinking.

Karaoke isn’t a bad idea. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t a party idea that women are only into, some men love Karaoke.

Gaming works too.

The point is to get everyone to participate wherever they may be in the world even if your 8pm is a 8am in wherever they are. There’s no better reason to get pissed on the morning than when your stuck in quarantine. It’s not like you have something better to do.

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