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How To Identify And Get Rid Of Bedbug Infestation?

 Bedbugs are tiny, oval-shaped brownish-colored insects that survive on human and animal blood. The bodies of adult bedbugs are flat [apple seed size] but when they feed on blood their blood swell and turn reddish. They don’t fly but move on the walls, floors, and ceilings quickly. A female bedbug lays eggs in hundreds. Immature bedbugs are called nymphs. They shed skins 5X before reaching maturity and need blood before every shedding phase. The bugs mature within a month in favorable conditions and produce 3+ generations every year. They don’t transmit disease but are a nuisance. 

Where do bedbugs generally hide?

Bedbugs enter your home through used couches/beds, luggage, clothing, etc. they can fit in tiny spaces and cracks about credit card width. They don’t have nests but reside in groups. Common hiding places are box springs, mattresses, headboards, and bed frames because they can easily access their food at night. They may scatter in the bedroom and move in cracks and crevices. They can even spread in close-by rooms or apartments. 

Infestation signs

If you wake with itchy areas or do not sleep well at night or see bloodstains on the pillowcases or sheets then it is a sign of bedbug infestation. Where bedbug hides, you will see shed skins or egg shells, or fecal spots. They even leave a musty offensive from their glands. Check carefully around the bed, under the sheets, inside the books, carpet edges, electrical outlets, closets, and more. If you are unsure of what/where to look call an exterminator. 

If you reside in Singapore then is an ideal online service directory designed for homeowners. You will find many bed bug control services listed on their directory. Users trust the directory because it shows the best option and a chance to compare quotations. Treating bedbugs is complicated because you are not aware of the infestation level, its hiding places, etc. So, ensure to contact a reliable bed bug exterminator to free your home from infestations.

To eliminate bedbugs’ infestation, follow the steps 

Identify the infested spots

A small infestation is easy to control than a large one. However, small ones are challenging to detect. You can DIY or hire exterminators. A few use specially trained dogs to identify bedbugs’ hidden areas via scent. The narrow bodies of bedbugs allow them to squeeze in mattress or couch seams and curtain folds. Once the bedbug infestation area is detected, you can….

  • Seal the area 
  • Contain them running the vacuum cleaner and seal the plastic bag tightly before discarding.
  • Seal every affected clothes and linen in zip bags to wash later at the highest temperature setting.
  • If the infested area like box springs or sofa cannot be treated throw it away. However, ensure to paint words ‘bedbugs’, so no one takes it home. 

Preparing for bedbug treatment

Ensure to clean all the hidden places, linens, drapes, carpets, and cushions, even throw away the untreatable items. Never move things from infested room to another clean space…the bugs can spread. 

Glue loose wallpaper, tape electrical outlets, and caulk furniture cracks and baseboard surrounding. Move the bed 6” away from the wall to disallow bedbugs from climbing towards the ceiling.

Bedbug cleansing

Home cleaning methods 

  • Bedbugs cannot survive high heat or intense cold, so wash clothes in the heated water for half an hour. Place them in the heater at the highest setting for half an hour.
  • Pack infested items in a plastic bag and expose them to sunlight on a hot day or in a closed car. If the temperature is cold then sealed-up bugs can survive for 2 to 5 months. 
  • Use steamer on couches, sofas, mattresses, curtains, or other bedbug hiding places.
  • Place sealed-up bedbugs in the freezer and leave them for a minimum of 4 days.

After killing all visible bedbugs, ensure to in-hospitalize the area for its cousins and friends. Bed-proof covers placed over the mattress or box springs can trap them inside or do not allow new ones to get in. 

Chemical treatments

Insecticides are used to kill the bedbugs but ensure to choose EPA-registered products designed specifically for eliminating bedbugs. 

For a few days monitor the infested spots for signs of any activity. Place bedbug inceptors under the bed’s four legs. It is a device that traps bedbugs before they can climb on the bed. Follow the instructions given by the pest control professionals to efficiently wipe out bugs from the house. They can take a couple of visits but the bedbugs are killed for good. 


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