Points That Are Essential for A Legit Auto Transport Company

Every day people are moving from one city to another due to their job and various other reasons. Moving takes up a lot of effort. Most hire professional movers after planning the relocation for a long time. What about the most essential possession – your car? You cannot always drive the whole way to your destination on your car. The place may be far from your current location.

You would obviously have to take help of an auto transport company to ship your car safely. It might sound very easy, but the whole process of looking for a trustworthy auto transport company can leave you confused.

There are many options that you should explore before comparing the services of the auto transport companies.

Be Aware of Fraudulent Auto Transport Company

Before you select an auto transport company you should do a little bit of research on how the industry works. They involve brokers and carriers. At first you consult the broker to find a suitable carrier. When the broker finds an agreeable carrier, they send you the quote and if you agree, the broker would draft out the terms of the contract and assist you in the shipping process giving updates until they hand over your car.

If you are trying to ship your vehicle across the United States, Ship a Car, Inc. would be your best choice. They have been a trusted vehicle shipping company for over a decade now. Customer experiences have gained them a 5-star rating all over the major reviewing websites. They give priority to your vehicle’s safety with full vehicle coverage. Their door-to-door transportation is quite popular among customers.

Broker and Carriers

A broker would represent you in getting the right carrier for your car. It is the carrier that would transport your vehicle to the destination. The broker has knowledge of a network of carriers shipping vehicles in different routes. They would help you negotiate the cost of transportation. They also ensure the license and insurance coverage of the carrier.

Though you have to pay the broker for the services along with the transportation cost, it is better to be secured. If it is a legit broker company then you would be without worry after you sign the contract.

How to Ship Your Car Across Country When You Are Moving


Your personal auto insurance may include shipping accidents. In case it doesn’t make sure to check out the carrier’s insurance policy.

Transport Cost

The initial quote that you get is just an estimate. The fees may vary due to various factors like distance, vehicle condition and time-frame. Your first payment is when you sign the agreement and when you get the vehicle you pay the final due.

Available Transport Methods

  • Open – It doesn’t have any enclosure on the sides and roof.
  • Enclosed – They are a bit expensive with enclosed carrier.
  • Flatbed – they are the most expensive as they haul only few and heavy vehicles.

You can choose the type of carrier according to your purpose.

Delivery Options

  • Door-to-door
  • Terminal-to-terminal
  • Combined option

No matter what type of delivery options you choose make sure to inspect and sign the bill of lading.

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