Finding Your Dream Studio Apartment in Hampton

Having a modern, minimalistic and spacious studio apartment is a dream come true for many. With the availability of a studio apartment in Hampton, VA, you might want to find your dream apartment.

Currently, the renting price for a studio apartment in Hampton, VA, is $1430,and there are about 62 apartments available for rent. Moreover, Hampton, VA, is a dream place to stay in with its small-town charm and national model for youth development and civic engagement.

Furthermore, Hampton, VA, is a waterfront community with vibrant streets and has been recognized as the best place to live by Money Magazine.

That’s why you’ll want to get your hands on a studio apartment in Hampton, VA, quickly. This article will give you tips for finding the best studio apartments.

Top tips for finding your dream studio apartment

Hampton, VA, is a lively and vibrant location with reasonable rent. While hunting for your studio apartment, there are several things to bear in mind. Keeping the below tips in mind will ensure you get the best studio apartment that will fulfill your needs:

  1. Ensure there is enough vertical space

A studio apartment typically includes one room, kitchen, and bathroom. This means the horizontal space is not going to be enough. So when looking for a studio apartment, ensure you look for one with plenty of vertical space.

The high ceiling will make your apartment feel spacious and give you ample opportunities to decorate. Moreover, ensure you choose tall bookshelves and dresses to eliminate cramping your floor space.

  1. Check the storage

While looking for the apartment, check the carpet area carefully. Additionally, check for nooks and crannies that will widen your storage options. Either try to find a proper storage area in your apartment or see if your apartment comes with a storage unit.

It will enable you to store furniture that you may not need but want. Moreover, ensuring you have storage will enable you to keep your small space organized and clean.

  1. Ensure there is natural light

One of the foremost things to look for in an apartment is natural light. As light enters the room, your room will feel brighter and larger. So, ensure your apartment has plenty of windows to let in natural light and cross ventilation.

Also, ensure you buy light curtains that will stay off the windows. You can also use mirrors in your apartment to make it look spacious.

  1. Get full-sized appliances

When renting a studio apartment, ensure you get full-sized appliances, not mini appliances. If you have full-sized appliances that are tall, it will give you an illusion of space. Moreover, having full-sized appliances will make your home functional.

  1. Ensure the space is livable

Just because it is a studio apartment doesn’t mean it should be cramped. Ensure your house is livable by decorating it minimally. Ensure there is enough space for a bed, desk, closet, and essentials before renting or buying your studio apartment.


Hampton, being declared the best place to live, has an array of businesses and universities to provide you with unique opportunities. That’s why you should find the best studio apartment in Hampton,VA, and enjoy premier shopping, dining, entertainment, and other destinations.

To look for the best studio apartment, you should ensure enough vertical space and plenty of storage. Also, check the natural light levels, get full-sized appliances, and ensure livability. Moreover, it would be best if you decorate your studio apartment minimally.

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