Everything to know about LED strip lights 


Many ways exist to improve the aesthetics of your home. It is common to use paintings, statues, antiques, ornamental plants, etc. Light is essential to make this all shine and glow, especially at night. 

Light can still make your home and garden look stunning, even if you cannot afford to buy articles to embellish. Led strip lights are famous now for their beautiful look and amusing benefits. Read further to know more about them.

What are LED strip lights?

Also known by the name LED tape lights or ribbon lights are used extensively to decorate premises with ease. It has become a favorite option to enhance the aesthetics of houses, retail shops, and even the health care domains. You would have a question about what makes these lights unique. LED strip lights can be installed even in seemingly inaccessible spaces. 

What makes them easy to use?

It is made of a flexible circuit board with numerous tiny LED emitters. They are fixed in regular intervals to create a beautiful view. You can find them in various lengths. Also, it makes the installation easy with its self-adhesive tape. All you have to do is peel and stick wherever you want. Its strips are thin and narrow enough to stick anywhere. It can also be bent at 90 degrees to fill the sharp corners.

Moreover, it can also be cut to the required length. 

What are the kinds of LED strip lights?

The two types of LED striplights are flexible and hard light. 

Flexible light 

This light is very soft so that it can be bent without damage. It is ideal when you want o to decorate very narrow and challenging corners. It can also be cut and made into any design or shape you want. 

Hard light 

It uses a bit more components like PCB and LED assembly to operate.

In contrast to the flexible light, it is rigid and cannot be bent or stretched. So, it is not suitable for uneven surfaces. Mainly, it is used as display lighting. Thus, it is the perfect choice for instances like an exhibition, prayer hall, etc. 



Everyone knows that LEDs are more energy-saving than conventional bulbs. So, if you are partying long or conducting an event for days together, you can opt for it without fearing the mounting electric bills. 

Multiple lighting choices 

LED lights can give you a multitude of options with colors. You can make your unique space look in your favorite colors. You can also opt for a combination of colors to bring the intended effect.


These lights can work for a long time. Quality strip lights can last up to 40,000 hours. So, it is more or less like leaving a light on for years together.

Less heat generation 

It emits significantly less light. So, you can fearlessly use as many lights as you want to and do not care about the heat that these lights can emit. You can also leave it on for long as they can never cause a fire. It is also possible to touch it even when it is on. It helps you feel relaxed, especially when kids are involved in a party. You can also use them when you enjoy the outdoors and leave them overnight. 

Thus, if you want to decorate any place or event with lights, you can opt for LED strip lights to enjoy all its benefits. You have to estimate the length you need and start decorating without hassle. 



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