Different Mobile Communication Archiving: Functions and Benefits

With the ever-changing rules and regulations, keeping up with business communication compliance requirements is one of the most challenging problems for your business. Fortunately, technological advancements paved the way for various mobile communication archiving methods as the ultimate solution for text messaging, Telegram, WeChat compliance, and more.

Various archiving methods are available to cater to your needs in any communication platform, and here are some of them:

Communication Applications Archiving

Investing in a leading archiving solutions provider integrates popular and convenient business communication platforms, maintaining all application features and functionality while staying compliant.

Regardless of your operating system (OS), world-class archiving developers add features allowing you to archive text messages, multimedia, files, and even deleted or recalled messages.

Here are some commonly used platforms for business communication:

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Telegram
  • Signal

Never worry about Telegram compliance and the likes with a product automatically archiving in the background with no user intervention needed. Data are also easily searchable and accessible, letting you filter metadata details from the secure and end-to-end encrypted system storage.

Network Archiving

Are you looking for a more instantaneous and straightforward business communication archiving method? If so, network archiving is the perfect solution.

Choosing network archiving lets you receive a copy of messages and data directly captured from the mobile carrier network. Archival applications store these copies in a centralized source you can access when needed.

Here are commonly supported mobile network carriers:

  • Verizon
  • American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T)
  • O2
  • Telus
  • Bell
  • Rogers

Network archiving will benefit your business because copies of SMS and MMS messages are directly and centrally stored without necessarily downloading any third-party communication platform.

Android Archiving

Another mobile communication archiving method is Android archival, wherein you download a lightweight archiving agent or native messaging application to start recording and storing data.

After you or your employees install the archiving agent on the Android phone, it will forward copies of SMS, MMS, and voice call recordings to your archiving server. This method also does not require user intervention and works automatically in the background.

You can switch from using a Wi-Fi connection only or combine Internet and Cellular Data services to run the product. 

Enterprise Number Archiving

You can also archive mobile communication by associating an application to your enterprise number to store copies of all work-related SMS and MMS chats. Moreover, it lets you monitor the status when sending, delivering, reading, and answering messages.

This method guarantees compliance, security, authentication, and a complete audit trail for your business.

When associated with employees’ numbers, rest assured that their personal and private information and data won’t be compromised, keeping their welfare a top priority.


Several mobile archiving methods are available to comply with regulatory bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

With TeleMessage, all these methods are available to effectively address mobile phone text and call archiving compliance, regulatory, and eDiscovery response requirements.

Contact TeleMessage today and enjoy a robust monitoring and archival solution that is SEC and FINRA-compliant.



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